About Us

Our blog site sfr-creations.com is devoted exclusively to the clothing niche. What makes it special is that we tackle this huge subject from many angles. Whether it is for kids or teens, adult men or women, we have it covered. This is what has made our site so interesting and much sought after by those who want to keep up with the latest in trends and fashion.

To make our site truly representative of all sections of society, we invite blogs from writers who are well conversant with the subject. It can be on anything – news, information, trivia, trends and even the designs and colours that are a rage in your location.

However, to make the task easy for you, here are a few suggestions from the team at sfr-creations.com.

You can start off with trends in fashion that are the talking points in your neighbourhood – casual or formal is not important. This can be from your age group or above or below that. Further, you can write about any trade exhibitions on clothing in your area or any upcoming similar events. By giving information through our blog, you can help make it a success, both from the view of the visitor or participant in the fair.

An area that you can focus on is tips on what to wear on different occasions. Too often are people confused about the right choice of clothes to wear at a party or a formal do. What should be the colour of the suit or the shirt or the matching tie? Should regular shoes be the choice over loafers? What should you wear while travelling or camping or on a fishing trip? These are some variables that most people do not have much idea about. If you are aware of one or more of these factors, your blog on such matters would immensely help the readers make correct choice of clothes.

Another aspect that can be covered is the clothes for special occasions. A wedding dress is one such example. No two wedding dresses are alike and each carries the stamp of personality of the owner. White or pale cream or other pastel shades – which one is ideal for you? Lots of lace and frills or a straight cut wedding dress for you? These are some of the issues that an average bride has to contend with. Those with experience in designing customised wedding dresses can share their valuable opinion on the subject with our readers.

Choose a topic and contribute to our blog. We welcome any piece that is relevant to the niche of clothing.