Best Engagement Outfit

Best Engagement Outfit Ideas for a Photo shoot

Your engagement day will come and go but what will remain forever are photographs of the occasion. Hence it is natural that as a bride you should plan meticulously to look great in your engagement day photos,

Here are some engagement outfit ideas that will best match a photo shoot session.

Wear clothes that make you comfortable

If you are the casual jeans and T-shirt wearing girl, a full heavily beaded ankle length dress will surely leave you squirming. Wear a light outfit that will make you comfortable and help you to look your best. Choice of clothes outside your comfort zone will make you feel awkward and stiff, and this will reflect in the photos.

Do not match each other’s clothes

Feeling sentimental and close to each other is natural for a soon-to-be-engaged couple but matching colours and patterns or prints is not suitable for photo sessions. Your clothes should have colours that complement each other and the same goes for solid prints too.

Choose colours wisely

The best colours for an engagement day outfit are cool and soft colours like baby blue, pink and peach. You will surely not want to be outdoors in the sun in neon or orange! Red is a colour that draws attention instantly, but then on your engagement day, you should be the subject in focus and not the colour of your dress. For a bright look, add some colour if you want through your accessories.

Have accessories to go with the dress

No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, accessories will take the results of the photo shoot to the next level. One sure way to add a touch of variety to photographs is to wear accessories such as scarves or chunky jewellery that can be easily slipped on and off. For the more sophisticated look, diamond bridal jewellery can be tried out. For example, residents of Melbourne can visit the showroom of ADC (Australian Diamond Company) and go through an exquisite range of elegant bridal jewellery.

Clothes that complement body type

The best engagement dress for a photo shoot is one that complements your body type. For pear-shaped bodies, the ideal is A-line design clinched around the waist and flared at the bottom. For the busty types, dresses with scoop and sweetheart necklines that open up and support the décolletage and take the focus away from the bust to the face are ideal for photography. Hence wear an engagement outfit that suits your body lines.

Follow these simple tips to look your best on engagement day.