Hair Removal

Hair Removal: New fashion and Trends

Regardless of whether body hair is plucked away, shaved or waxed, hair removal is a part of routine life and is not a new phenomenon. Over ages from the ancient Egyptian or Roman times to the modern era, hair removal is as integral a part of life as taking a bath. What has changed over time is the process involved in it. Bronze shaving razors have been found in tombs that go as far back as 3000 BC. In ancient Greece, a hairless body was considered civilised and artworks of that period depict women with no pubic hair as that was in vogue then. Body hair was removed with “dropax” which was a combination of vinegar and earth.

Modern hair removal fashion and trends revolve primarily around IPL and laser treatments. Even though there are a host of laser types each good for a specific purpose, the basic principle is basically somewhat similar. Beams of light are focussed on the target area and this travels below the surface of the skin to the root of the hair thereby burning them out. The light energy is absorbed by melanin at the follicle which is the element that decides the colour of hair. Since lasers destroy only active hair, a few sessions are required to destroy constantly growing hair before the whole process of permanent hair removal can be completed.

Here is a LED therapy complete guide that lays down most of the present hair removal trends.

  • IPL Hair Removal – IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) gently removes hair from the face, legs, back and pubic areas. Pulses of light heat up the hair follicles and damages them without affecting the skin surrounding the area under treatment. There are no side effects of getting hairless with IPL hair removal machine even though a temporary redness or swelling is noticeable immediately after treatment. IPL laser works best on those with light skin and dark hair since the light beams target the pigment of the hair. IPL is a broad spectrum light and dispersed unlike other laser beams which are more focussed.
  • Diode laser – Unlike IPL, diode laser systems involves focussing a concentrated beam of light on the area being treated and at the hair follicles and the melanin present in them. The pigment absorbs the light energy and is destroyed thereby eliminating the possibility of further growth. However, this process requires several treatment sessions for complete and permanent hair removal. Here too, redness is noticed after the process but it lasts for a couple of days only.

The latest Diode lasers are very fast and effective and have drastically reduced treatment times. For more information visit, leading importers and distributors of state of the art laser based beauty care equipment in Australia.

  • Alexandrite Laser – This is the latest innovation in hair removal technology and is considered to be the fastest laser in use. Hence, it is most successful for hair removal from large parts of the body. For instance, complete hair from a patient’s back can be removed in under half an hour. Here too, melanin in the hair follicles absorb the light energy and are destroyed. But there is a downside to Alexandrite laser procedures. The pulses of light are so rapid that it often results in discomfort for the patient, unlike other lasers which have relatively painless operations.

Another trend is the Brazilian bikini waxing which has become a popular hair removal treatment. One gets to choose from a complete waxed and hairless look to a light bikini wax. Fashion that is the rage now includes full Brazilian bikini front and back to full Brazilian bikini front and Brazilian bikini front and top.

Hair removal fashion and trends are on a high today, made possible by state of the art modern equipment.